Privacy Policy


Last updated: March 2017 (version 1.0.0)

We (LilyCode) think it is very important to make sure that the privacy of the users of our games is protected. In this Privacy Policy we describe which data we collect and what we do with it in connection with our games.
By playing the games of LilyCode you agree that we collect and use information provided by you.

Processing Personal Information (PPI)

If you play any of our games on a mobile device, we collect information regarding your user name and unique device identifier (UDID). This user name and UDID will only be used in the leaderboard. We advise not to use your real name but use an alias instead.
Because we can't verify whether or not someone making a request to have their name removed from the leaderboard really is the same person as in the leaderboard, we cannot meet the wishes to remove any names or UDID's from the leaderboard.

Our Advertising Partners

In the mobile games Google advertisements are shown. By using our game, you agree with this. The advertising partners have their own Privacy Policy. If you click on an advertisement any data provided to that partner is subject to the privacy policy of that partner. LilyCode doesn’t take any responsibility for the safety, security, content or privacy of any other partners content.
Below you can find links to up-to-date privacy policies of our advertising partners:

Policy Regarding Children

Games of LilyCode are suitable for children under the age of 13, but we advise children not to submit their scores in the leaderboard. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13.


This Privacy Policy can be updated. It is your own responsibility to check the Policy if it has changed and if you still agree with it. If you play games of LilyCode after we have updated this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you have read the updated terms and that you agree with it. We advise you to check the version of the Privacy Policy before you play the games of LilyCode.


We can imagine that you want to contact us with regard to this Privacy Policy. If you want to do so, please send me an email.